We’re putting all our energy into sustainability

To have a future we can all look forward to, Kohler is giving you more power choices today. Learn more about how to choose renewable fuels, sustainable maintenance options, and new hydrogen fuel cell systems.

First Environmental Declaration for Mission-Critical Generators

We are the first in our industry to issue an environmental declaration for a mission-critical generator in the form of a PEP ecopassport®. An environmental declaration is a document that provides the environmental footprint of a product from the extraction of the raw materials used to its end-of-life. Our goal? To learn from the data and innovate, offering you a product with the lowest environmental impact possible. For you, it means getting full transparency and comprehensive information that will support your low-carbon strategy.

Download the Environmental Declaration PEP ecopassport®

Contact your Kohler representative or one of our authorized distributors for more information.

Our new systems leave out nothing but the emissions

Our new hydrogen fuel cell systems come with the same proven resiliency and support you expect from KOHLER generators. All we took out were the emissions, giving you another choice on your road to sustainability. Find out how our hydrogen fuel cell systems can provide power on demand.

Conscious Care
Save fuel, lower emissions, rest easy

Maintenance program for KD Series generators​

Want to reduce your fuel consumption and carbon footprint without compromising reliability and your peace of mind?
The Conscious Care maintenance program enables operators to exercise back-up generators at no load and extend the required interval to every four months. Driving down fuel and load bank expenses, while reducing sound and air pollutions, and overall greenhouse gas emissions. When it comes to making sustainable changes, sometimes less really is more.
Click here to learn more about our Conscious Care maintenance program.

The Power to
Change the World

Cleaner energy solutions are critical to a sustainable future. Developing the technologies to make them possible demands knowledge, creativity and long-term commitment. Kohler is delivering mission-critical power innovations today, such as the option to run HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) on your KOHLER® diesel back-up generator. You can reduce emissions up to 90% with no modifications. Learn more now.

Additional Materials

Towards Sustainable Mission-Critical Power

The transition to sustainable mission critical power is happening now.

KD Series Tier 4 Certified

Discover our KD Series generators that are EPA certified Tier 4 final.

Emissions Standards Whitepaper

Understanding emission requirements is a key step to select the right generator.

Diesel Generator Maintenance

Read our whitepaper about the
feasibility and benefits of no-load exercising.

Sustainability Product of the Year Award

Our Tier 4 Final KD Series Tier 4 Generator was named a Sustainability Product of the Year winner.

Clear the Air with Sustainable Solutions from Kohler

Hear from four Kohler professionals who are helping to build sustainable power solutions for today and the future. 

Our new systems leave out nothing but the emissions

HVO generators
sustainable, reliable, available now


Cut emissions, save fuel, rest easy