We’re putting all our energy into sustainability

Kohler knows that, to have a future we
can look forward to, we need sustainable
sources of resilient power now.

Conscious Care
When less is more​

Maintenance program for KD Series generators​

Want to reduce your fuel consumption and carbon footprint without compromising reliability and your peace of mind?
The Conscious Care maintenance program enables operators to exercise back-up generators at no load and extend the required interval to every four months. Driving down fuel and load bank expenses, while reducing sound and air pollutions, and overall greenhouse gas emissions. When it comes to making sustainable changes, sometimes less really is more.
Click here to learn more about our Conscious Care maintenance program.

The Power to
Change the World

Cleaner energy solutions are critical to a sustainable future. Developing the technologies to make them possible demands knowledge, creativity and long-term commitment. Kohler has the designers, engineers and vision to deliver innovation in mission-critical power generation. To find new ways to fight climate change. And to leave the world a better place.

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